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Our platform inspires creativity of indie music with the use of our extensive Indie Lyrics & Lyric and Beat arrangements. We also inspire creativity of visual arts through written words by Expressions Created when stimulated by the words read. All Original and Inspired Indie Arts are available for future commercial uses to PublishRow Members and Clients. You may purchase individual Music Projects, available to public clients from Indie Stores, without joining the Collective. Each Project comes with Audio Lyric Keys & Interactive Lyric Sheets. Most members are artists and art enthusiasts, like Creative Writers, Performance Artists, Beat Makers, Poets, Lyricists Performers, Creativity managers, soundtrack creators & commercial project seekers, of all sorts, in compilation projects to create unique styles. We have made Collective Lyric Inventory available to all members for unlimited project use with Royalty Free Distributions for Pro plan Members. PublishRow Samples may be edited or used as is by PublishRow Members, as long as creations are submitted to any PublishRow Display.

We encourage individuality and unique styles.

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Indie Artists Get your commercial plan to start creating and collecting from client uses of your indie original submissions and edited editions. Project Seekers and Soundtrack seekers Get Your Commercial Plan to use unlimited Indie Stock in your upcoming projects. Voyeurs and Thrill seekers are always welcome! Diversity is king in the creation process! View or Create Wave Creation Sessions Live, via Video and Audio in Group and in One-on-One Sessions.

All Artists and Art Seekers are welcome to become a part of our new Online Music Community.

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